Intuitive Organization

Use the hierarchy of Project - Reference - Media when doing a site-survey. Name the project, identify a location on the reference file and then collect the media (photos, notes, ect.). SurveySnap can use this structure to automatically present and recall the information collected in an instant. An example of this structure would be:

Project: Empire State Building
Reference: 1st Floor
Media: Photo, Annotations, Notes

Reference File

This can be a floor plan, drawing, picture, map, aerial image or even a photo of the emergency exit plan. Use this visual representation of your project along with Smart-Pins to organize the information that you are collecting. You can have multiple reference documents in each project. They could represent each floor of the building, the exterior, a particular room or any location that you want to organize with Smart-Pins.

Don’t have a floor plan? No Problem! Just use our Grid Image to pin your survey info to. You can download the image for free. --> Download Grid Image

Smart-Pins (media)

Smart-Pins are a way to organize the media (photos, notes, etc.) that you are collecting while on site at a project. Each Smart-Pin groups the media based on a location on the reference file. This could be the room you are in, a general location or even the specific portion of a space that you are collecting information about. Typically we organize the information this way once we gat back from a site-survey. By organizing it this way during collection, SurveySnap will automatically create presentations of the information based on its location at the site.

Presentation Templates (PDF)

With one tap you can instantly create and share a professional presentation of the information that you collected. Then choose from different templates and see your information instantly change format. You can save the presentation to your SurveySnap web access page or email it out right from the app.


Use shapes, lines, and colors to annotate on photos and sketch out a quick ideas. These visual representations of your thoughts while on the site-survey will get your point across and will serve as a reminder of your impressions while you were on location. These annotations are automatically included in the presentation.

Security / Cloud Access

Communication -‐ All communications between devices and our servers operate over HTTPS [AES -‐ 256 Bit Encryption].

Data Storage -‐ All user specific data including projects, photos and annotatons are visible only to the user. Data is protected through roles and access control lists.

Backups -­‐ All data is replicated across multple databases to ensure reliability and availability.

Access -­‐ SurveySnap's website is SSL Certfied. Admin passwords are encrypted using one way encryption method with internal measures to avoid SQL Injection.


A portfolio of your current and past projects will be backed up in the cloud and accessible on any device or browser.

- Track all current projects
- Connect a new client with an old project
- Track progress on a property
- Show off completed work
- Much more..

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How it Works

  1. Once you have created a project, pick a reference file to organize the info you will collect. It can be a floor plan, drawing, picture, map, aerial image or even a photo of the emergency exit plan. You can have multiple reference documents in each project.

  2. Drop a Smart-Pin on the reference document to start collecting attributes. Take photos, notes, sketches and audio based on where you are on the reference document. When you want to create a new set of attributes, drop a new smart-pin.

  3. Once you have completed the project, tap 'Export' to automatically create a presentation of the information that you have collected. Email it out or save it to the backend website with one tap. The templates display the information based on the Smart-Pin groupings in the order they were collected.