Our Story

Ryan Sears, Chris Dail and Armin Zadakbar are the founders of SurveySnap and we have worked in real estate for a combined 20 years. We have done site-surveys for a living and managed others that collect job site data.

The data collected on the job sites often translates into a bids, the design of the structure and/or the construction of the building. This is important information that has a direct effect on the the final product that is created and to the profitability of the projects.

We knew that something was wrong when we discovered that 80% of the professionals in the industry were using pen/pad or general note-taking applications to collect and report this information. We later discovered that this unstructured way of conducting site-surveys was costing companies tens of thousands of dollars and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars from wasted time, re-work and miscommunications.

We knew there was a better way and our passion lead us to create SurveySnap; a smarter, more efficient and more profitable system for collecting, reporting and communicating around site-survey information. This is done through the use of our intuitive mobile application and site-survey technology that is specifically designed for maximum efficiency.

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