Site-Surveys on the iPadCommercial Real Estate Industry

  • Uses
  • Initial Site-Surveys
  • Due Dilligence Surveys
  • Site Assessments
  • Inspections
  • Benefits
  • Time Savings
  • Process Systemization
  • More Accurate Job Bids
  • More Accurate Design Work
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Which Professions uses SurveySnap?
  • Physical Security Integrators
  • Construction Companies
  • Greenscappers & Landscape Architects
  • Full Service Commercial Real Estate
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Retail Merchandising
  • Builders / Developers
  • LEED CxA
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Telecom & IT Installers
  • FF&E Sales


Use SurveySnap to take photos, notes, annotations and audio notes while you walk through a building. The software associates each photo with a specific location within the building. PDF reports are automatically created and you can easily share them with your clients and co-workers from within SurveySnap.

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Professional Reports

With one tap you can instantly create and share professional PDF reports with your company's logo and header. Then choose from different templates and see your information instantly change format. Reports are delivered via web link so no matter how large the file is, the recipient will be able to view it.

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